Transgender Violence Investigative Journalist

Position Description

About Us:

the T.R.A.N.S network has over 200 Facebook groups

Group topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Over 120 Groups for transgender employment and housing. Including a group representing each state and 10 groups for the top 10 populated cities in the US.
  • Over 60 Groups for trans youth support. Including a group representing each state and 10 groups for the top 10 populated cities in the US, as well as Purto Rico and other cities.
  • A group focusing on reporting and rallying in response to violence toward transgender people around the US
  • A group focused on assisting with the suicide attempt epidemic in the national trans community
  • A group that is tailored toward relationships between the transgender community and the media
  • A group that is focused on transgender people and transgender families
  • A group that is focused on transgender people in substance abuse recovery
  • A group focused on combating national homelessness in the transgender community
  • A group for trans and cisgender people to talk about general stuff after midnight
  • A group for people to date transgender people
  • One group for the admins and moderators of the Transgender Facebook Group Network

Responsibilities of a Transgender Violence Investigative Journalist:

the TRANS network is looking for an investigative journalist to join our national organization to document Violence in relation specifically to physical harm against the members of the transgender community in the United States.

We want to take our coverage to the next level, so we’re looking for someone with drive, intelligence, and tenacity to dig out information that may not be present in the run-of-the-mill articles that are posted in relation to these hate crimes. This investigative journalist will work with a core team of other organizational members to facilitate the best and latest obtainable information for quick, accurate and factual publication.

Typical Job duties/requirements:

  • Be aggressive and relentless in the pursuit of documentation and public records recovery
  • Consistently gain/build trust with sources
  • Consistently write with clarity and impact
  • Work collaboratively and effectively in a team environment
  • Think critically and creatively to solve problems
  • Meet specified deadlines