the T.R.A.N.S. network (the Thoughtful Reassuring Authentic Noble Souls network) is an organization that began on August 28, 2017 to bridge the trans community for healing, advocacy, and activism.  the T.R.A.N.S. network currently has over 190 Facebook groups that primarily focus on helping transgender people get employment and housing all around the United States.  We have at least one Facebook group for each state in the US.  We also have groups that help transgender people with such topics as suicide prevention, violence awareness, family rejection and many more topics.

We currently have a facebook group division and a journalism division.

The facebook group division has over 190 Facebook groups

  • We currently have three sectors
    • Transgender employment
    • Transgender Housing
    • Transgender Youth Support
  • Each sector has 60 groups including a group representing each state and 10 groups for the top 10 populated cities in the US.  We are adding many more groups by the week.


  • We have a bonus fourth sector that includes the following groups
    • A group focusing on reporting and rallying in response to violence toward transgender people around the US
    • A group focused on assisting with the suicide attempt epidemic in the national trans community
    • A group that is tailored toward relationships between the transgender community and the media
    • A group that is focused on transgender people and transgender families
    • A group that is focused on transgender people in substance abuse recovery
    • A group focused on combating national homelessness in the transgender community
    • A group for trans and cisgender people to talk about general stuff after midnight
    • One group for the admins and moderators of the Transgender Facebook Group Network